About Us

Meishu Source Paper-Plastic Co.,Ltd. located in the beautiful Fuchun River Hi-tech Park, is a Pe coated paper manufacturer , to supply material for making paper cup ,paper bowl , paper dish , with 15 years experience in making the paper cup paper , getting customers' praise for quality product . The Pe coated paper sold across all of China , has a large domestic market share , also sold it well in international market , welcome to contact and visit us, we will offer you satified paper with warm heart service.  


Address : 176Golf Road,Gaoqiao Town, Fuyang , Hangzhou
Tel : 0571-63430911
Fax : 0571-63430912
Skype :zidanei6

  • laminate pe onto the base paper
  • pe paper roll
  • Cut pe coated paper to paper fan
  • Warehouse
  • Pe paper test laboratory
  • Pe coated paper
  • Pe paper packed by sheet or roll
  • Pe paper roll
  • Pe paper reel
  • Pe paper board
  • Pe coated paper roll
  • Pe paper reel for making paper cup
  • paper cup bottom paper
  • Coated foodgrade pe onto base paper
  • pe coated paper board